🥳Mountpoint for AWS S3💥

🥳Mountpoint for AWS S3💥

This will make it easier for me.🫡🤗

With this update you can create a mount point and mount AWS S3 bucket (or a path within a bucket) at the mount point, and then access the bucket using shell commands (ls, cat, dd, find, and so forth), library functions (open, close, read, write, creat, opendir, and so forth) or equivalent commands and functions as supported in the tools and languages that you already use.

Before many AWS users use the S3 APIs and the AWS SDKs to build applications that can list, access, and process the contents of an S3 bucket and now you can more 🫡🥳

Some information about this update:

Pricing – you pay only for the underlying S3 operations.
Performance – Mountpoint is able to take advantage of the elastic throughput offered by S3, including data transfer at up to 100 Gb/second between each EC2 instance and S3.
Credentials – Mountpoint accesses your S3 buckets using the AWS credentials that are in effect when you mount the bucket.
Storage Classes – You can use Mountpoint to access S3 objects in all storage classes except S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval, S3 Glacier Deep Archive, S3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive Access Tier, and S3 Intelligent-Tiering Deep Archive Access Tier.
Open Source – Mountpoint is open source and has a public roadmap. Your contributions are welcome; be sure to read our Contributing Guidelines and our Code of Conduct first.

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Mountpoint for AWS S3 is an open-source tool that enables you to mount an S3 bucket as a file system in your Linux environment, effectively bridging the gap between object storage and traditional file systems. Developed by MinIO, Mountpoint for AWS S3 brings several benefits to the table, making it easier for businesses to manage their cloud storage and streamline operations.

Ease of Integration

Mountpoint for AWS S3 allows you to mount an S3 bucket as a local file system, enabling seamless integration with existing applications and tools that rely on traditional file I/O operations. This eliminates the need for additional programming or customization efforts when working with object storage, saving both time and resources.

Moreover, Mountpoint for AWS S3 supports various Linux file systems, including XFS, ext4, and Btrfs, providing flexibility in choosing the right file system for your specific use case.

Improved Performance

By mounting an S3 bucket as a file system, Mountpoint for AWS S3 enables you to take advantage of native Linux caching mechanisms, such as the page cache and the dentry cache. These caches help reduce latency and improve throughput by storing frequently accessed data in memory, resulting in faster access times and more efficient data transfers.

Additionally, Mountpoint for AWS S3 supports multi-threaded operations, allowing it to leverage multiple CPU cores for parallel data processing. This further enhances performance and enables you to handle large datasets more efficiently.

Data Durability and Security

Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% durability and provides a range of security features, such as access control policies, encryption, and data integrity checks. Mountpoint for AWS S3 ensures that these benefits are passed on to the file system level, allowing you to maintain the same level of data protection and durability without additional configuration.

Furthermore, Mountpoint for AWS S3 supports object locking, a feature that provides an additional layer of protection against accidental or malicious data modifications. Object locking can be used to create write-once-read-many (WORM) workflows, ensuring that critical data remains immutable and cannot be altered or deleted for a specified retention period.

Cost-Effective Scalability

As your storage needs grow, so does the cost of managing and maintaining on-premises infrastructure. AWS S3 offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing you to scale your storage capacity without the need for upfront investments or complex capacity planning.

Mountpoint for AWS S3 enables you to tap into this scalability while maintaining a familiar file system interface, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their cloud storage costs.


Mountpoint for AWS S3 is a powerful tool that simplifies the integration of Amazon S3 with your Linux environment, improves performance, and maintains data durability and security. By bridging the gap between object storage and traditional file systems, Mountpoint for AWS S3 offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for managing your cloud storage needs. Whether you're working with big data, media assets, or backup and archival data, Mountpoint for AWS S3 can help streamline your operations and improve overall efficiency.

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